Arrange for cat grooming services in Oneonta, NY

Fluffy Deserves Some TLC

Although cats do their own grooming, their standards might not be as high as their owners'. Don't risk getting bit or scratched trying to bathe Fluffy. Hair of the Dog Oneonta offers stress-free cat grooming services, so stop by the studio when it's time to give your cat a bath.

Our cat groomer in Oneonta, NY will make sure Fluffy is comfortable during the whole visit. Call 607-431-1925 now to set up an appointment.

Prices vary, but they're always affordable

Our cat grooming services don’t cost an arm and a leg. For a small fee, we can…

  • Prevent matting and shedding by giving your cat a lion cut
  • Wash your cat’s dirty or greasy fur
  • Brush out tangles

We work with all breeds of cats. Visit our studio in Oneonta, NY today to meet one-on-one with a skilled cat groomer.

Soft paws application *Coming soon*